How do I get my station or podcast featured?

Last Updated: Nov 09, 2016 10:17AM PST

The biggest factor in improving the visibility of your TuneIn station or podcast is through the use of our embed player. By embedding a TuneIn player on other websites outside of, you will drive external listeners directly to your own TuneIn content. This will not only allow you to expand the promotion of your station or podcast to listeners who do not currently use TuneIn, the increased listening through your embed player will also improve your content's visibility and popularity within TuneIn. For simple steps on adding an embed player for your TuneIn station or podcast, please go to our Promote Your Content page. You can also download TuneIn logos to use under 'Media Resourceson our Press page

Lastly, it also helps to ensure that your TuneIn content information is complete and accurate. This includes a detailed schedule lineup, a clean logo, and verifiable contact information. You can update your TuneIn station or program by visiting our Update Submission Form.

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