Why is my streaming URL not accepted?

Last Updated: Aug 07, 2017 12:44PM PDT

Making sure the streaming URL you are submitting is compatible is an essential part of listing your station with the TuneIn. Here are a few common reasons why a stream submitted is rejected:

  • Invalid URL. This could be that the URL is incorrectly written or you are using a URL that points to a web page or web player.
    • An example of a URL pointing to a web player would be:
      • http://station.voscast.com/50d5a07bcb35a 
    • The raw stream that is playable on our platform for this player would be:
      • http://s9.voscast.com:7670
  • Inactive URL. Your stream must be active in order for us to determine its compatibility, its streaming format, and its bitrate. If your stream is not active 24 hours a day or was down temporarily, please make sure that you include the following information when re-submitting you streaming details:
    • The days, start and stop time the stream is active each day.
    • The format (mp3 or aac) the stream is in.
    • The streaming bitrate (ex. 32kbps, 48kbps, 128kbps etc.)
  • Restricted URL. The streaming URL requires a login to access it or includes an expiring token in the URL. Some streaming hosts (ex. Live365, myradiostream, Listen2myradio) offer a premium service that is required in order to use their streams outside of their own platform.
  • Stream Not Compatible. While we continue to improve TuneIn's compatibility with more streaming formats for the future, in the meantime, we recommend requesting your streaming host to provide you with an alternate stream in a more compatible format.
  • Geo-Restricted URL. In order for us to include geo-restricted streams, we must know the following:
    • ​​Streaming bitrate
    • Streaming format (mp3, aac, etc.)
    • Location restrictions (What countries the stream is accessible in)
  • ​​Radionomy. Pursuant to the TuneIn End User License Agreement and Terms of Service, TuneIn has decided that it will no longer allow stations hosted and transmitted by Radionomy.

Prior to submitting you streaming URL, one effective way to confirm it is valid, its bitrate and format (specifically either MP3, AAC, WMA, and OOG/Vorbis), we recommend testing the URL in a media player like VLC or WinAmp. In most but not all cases, if the URL is working in either of these media players, it will be playable using Tunein.

Accepted streaming URL formats from popular stream providers
The 'X's in the URLs represent unique stream IDs or numbers that are provided to you by your stream provider.


    Caster.FM "Unchained Bundle" and Pro plan broadcasters only

    • http://shaincast.caster.fm:XXXXX/listen.mp3 

  • Listen2MyRadio premium plan broadcasters only

    • http://ukX.listen2myradio.com:2199/tunein/XXXXXXXXX.pls    
    • http://XX.XXX.XX.XX:XXXX/stream
    • http://usX.listen2myradio.com:2199/tunein/XXXXXXXXX.pls   
  • Mixlr.com Pro plan broadcasters

    • http://edge.mixlr.com/channel/XXXXX 

  • Myradiostream "Webcaster Plus" broadcasters

    • All Myradiostream streams must be listed as public on the servers they are on. Private streams are not compatible with our platform.

      • http://sX.myradiostream.com:XXXXX

  • Spacial.com

    • http://listen.spacial.com/api/listen/?sid=XXXXXX&method=sc
    • http://listen.spacial.com/api/listen/?sid=XXXXX&m=sc
    • http://samcloud.spacial.com/api/listen/?sid=XXXXXX&method=sc
    • http://samcloud.spacial.com/api/listen/?sid=XXXXXX&m=sc
  • Spreaker.com (live streams) 

    • If your live stream is not a live broadcast 24 hours a day, your Spreaker streaming URL will point to your podcast feeds most recent episode and we will not be able to add your stream until you have also provided us with the hours the station is live.
      • http://api.spreaker.com/listen/user/XXXXX/episode/latest/shoutcast.mp3
      • http://api.spreaker.com/listen/show/XXXXX/episode/latest/shoutcast.mp3
  • Streamtheworld.com 

    • http://provisioning.streamtheworld.com/pls/XXXXXXXX.pls​
  • Voscast
    • http://sX.voscast.com:XXXX
​​​Accepted Audio formats:
  • MP3 - The most common and compatible format across all of our TuneIn platforms. If you have streams in other formats, we recommend that you have at least one alternate stream in mp3 format.
  • AAC - a High-quality streaming format that works very well with our mobile apps. Currently, most AAC streams are only playable on our web player using Chrome.
  • Flash - Compatible with mobile apps only.

The following streaming formats are compatible with mobile only:

  • HLS
  • OGG
  • WMA
  • Quicktime

The URI Scheme (URL protocols) used

While valid streaming URLs can appear in a variety of ways, in most common syntax will be an IP address with a port number. With that in mind, note that TuneIn accepts the HTTP, MMS, RTMP and RTSP URL protocols as valid streaming URLs:

Accepted Playlist File Extensions

  • m3u, pls, and asx - Streams using these file extensions are the most commonly used in TuneIn and the most compatible across all TuneIn platforms. While the m3u and pls extensions work well with any audio format, streams using asx file extensions are listed as WMA formatted by default.​
  • m3u8 - Streams are listed as HLS formatted streams by default​
  • qtl - Streams are listed as Quicktime formatted streams by default​
  • ​​​​sdp - Streams are listed as flash formatted streams by default

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