What do the menu items on the Browse screen mean?

Last Updated: Sep 21, 2017 12:40PM PDT
  • Local Radio: lists nearby radio stations based on your current location. Please enable GPS or other location-based services for the best experience.
  • Music: includes all of the music stations, shows and podcasts available on TuneIn. They're organized by genres such as Rock, Hip-Hop and Jazz, so you can find your favorite listings easily.
  • Sports: includes listings across several sports categories, as well as sports talk radio stations. You'll find many of your favorite shows, podcasts and live games here.
  • News: lists news stations, shows and podcasts available on TuneIn, including local, national and global news sources, as well as traffic and weather.
  • Podcasts: includes many podcasts across all categories (e.g., Music, Sports, News and Talk).
  • Talk: includes TuneIn stations, shows and podcasts across a variety of genres, such as Comedy, Politics, Technology, Religion and Spirituality, Business and Arts and Culture.
  • Audiobooks: from our Featured List, Blockbuster Reads and Wanderlust Reads.
  • Recents: displays a list of stations or podcasts you’ve recently listened to.
  • Trending: displays programs and stations that are currently trending on TuneIn.
  • By location: lets you browse TuneIn offerings by broadcasters’ geographical locations. It’s a fun way to travel the world! Find stations and podcasts from places you have been to, or from places you'd like to visit.
  • By language: lets you browse TuneIn offerings by the broadcast language. Find stations and shows in any language, whether it's your native tongue or one you would like to learn.


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