How can I create a TuneIn account?

Creating an account is easy and allows you take your Favorites with you wherever you go. Just click "Sign Up"...

How can I recover my username/password?

Please visit to reset your password or recover your username.

How do I follow content on

After searching and choosing a station, show, or podcast you can do one of the following options: In the...

I can’t log in. I get a message saying that my username is invalid.

This error normally happens if you’ve entered in the wrong username or you don’t yet have an account in our sy...

How do I connect my Blackberry with my account?

There are a couple of easy steps to associate your Blackberry device with your TuneIn account. Log in to th...

How do I add/remove a Favorites on Blackberry?

To add a Favorite: go the station page, press the menu key and select ‘Add to Favorites.’ To remove a Favorit...

How do I sync my TuneIn account with my Smart Radio (formerly Squeezebox)?

To sync your TuneIn account with your Squeezebox, please take the following steps: Go to http://mysquee...

How do I add/remove a Favorite on my Palm device?

To add a Favorite, go to a station page and tap on the star at the top right. To remove a Favorite, go to the ...

Can I get my TuneIn Favorites on the Bada app?

Currently the Bada app does not enable you to sign in to your account to access your Favorites.

How do I set up my TuneIn account on my Roku player?

To sync your TuneIn account Favorites to your Roku device: Go to the Roku Channel Store (

Still Need Help? Contact Us

Still Need Help?

Contact Us