What do the Advanced settings in TuneIn Radio do?

Last Updated: Aug 30, 2016 01:57PM PDT

Auto-Restart Player: Controls whether or not the last playing stream, podcast or recording restarts automatically when the application is started.

Intelligent Skip: Provides a better selection of fast forward and rewind options, based on the content you're listening to. For example, if you're streaming a song, you can select Intelligent Skip rewind to restart the song. *Change this setting to OFF to force 30 second skips.

Backup Alarm Sound: If for some reason your chosen station to wake up to does not play, this backup alarm will provide a beep sound in its place so that you still wake up on time.

Disable Auto-Lock: Controls whether the device's Auto-Lock setting is disabled in the application. Change this setting to OFF to allow the screen to dim according to the Auto-Lock setting.

Pause in Background: Controls whether or not streaming continues when audio is stopped in the background. Change this setting to OFF to save battery and data usage when audio is stopped in the background.

Lockscreen Images: allows images such as album cover art (when available) and station logos to appear in the lockscreen player

Preferred Stream Quality: Allows you to chose the default quality of the streams you listen to. Higher quality streams will have better sound quality but might take longer to load and use more data. Lower quality streams may have poorer sound quality but will load faster and be more reliable.

Buffer Before Playing: Controls how many seconds of audio are buffered before a stream is played. Increasing this value can help reduce buffering pauses when a network connection is unreliable.

Cellular Data: Controls whether or not streaming is allowed on the cellular data network. Change this setting to OFF to allow streaming on WiFi only.

Auto-Resume: Controls whether the stream player automatically resumes or stops when paused 30 minutes behind the live point of the stream. Change this setting to ON to allow the player to resume playing automatically.

RECORDING (only available on TuneIn Radio Pro)
Auto-Stop Recording: Controls how many hours of audio are recorded before a recording is automatically stopped. Change this setting to 'Never' to disable auto-stop.

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