How do I connect my Blackberry with my account?

Last Updated: Aug 09, 2016 11:40AM PDT
To connect your TuneIn account with your Blackberry device, start by using your unique ID.

To receive a unique ID:
  1. Open TuneIn on your Blackberry.
  2. With TuneIn open, click the BlackBerry info button, then Settings, followed by TuneIn Account. A unique ID will appear.
  3. Next, enter the unique ID in the text field in your browser, then click Add.

Once added, your device will appear on your TuneIn user account for Installed Devices.

Note: Your BlackBerry's TuneIn account settings will also show the TuneIn account is configured for Username.

To connect your Blackberry with your TuneIn account after receiving a unique ID:
  1. Log in to your TuneIn account on desktop. 
  2. Hover over your user icon, then click Settings. 
  3. From the Settings page, click the Devices tab. 
  4. Click Add Device. After clicking Add Device, a text field will open, allowing you to enter in your unique ID from your BlackBerry's TuneIn Settings menu. 

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