I'm having problems using TuneIn for Palm and I'm a Bell Canada user.

Last Updated: Aug 11, 2016 11:27AM PDT
Some Bell Canada users have reported problems with using TuneIn for webOS. These problems include users not being able to register, station lists not loading, and not being able to sign in. These problems are due to Bell Canada blocking access to the TuneIn servers. We're working with HP, which has submitted a request to Bell Canada to stop blocking TuneIn. Bell Canada has opened up its network, but some HP users report that Bell Canada is limiting access to the TuneIn servers for some users. We don't have a way to tell which users or which markets this issue affects. If you're a Bell Canada user having issues accessing TuneIn's services, please call Bell Canada by dialing *611 (no charge) on your phone and asking them to unblock your phone. In the meantime, TuneIn should work fine without incident Wifi.

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